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How to manually add a token

⚠️ Before adding a token ⚠️

First of all, when wanting to add a token, two things must be considered: (1) the token you want to add, and (2) the red/blockchain non which you intend to operate with this token.

The same token can exist on multiple networks. Therefore, when adding a token, it is important to ensure that the selected network/blockchain is correct; this way, you can avoid any inconveniences and, in the worst case, the loss of your funds.

Example 👌

We want to receive USDT Tron network.
However, USDT is a token that is hosted on multiple networks. In Defiant, you will find USDT on 13 networks:
Arbitrum One
Optimistic Ethereum
Gnosis Chain

We need to add USDT — specifically USDT on the Tron network.

Adding a token

To add a token from the app, simply click on the + button → write the token's name → select token's network → ✔️ Add .

Similarly, a token can be added from the dashboard by going to the side menu → My walletsCoins → enter the token name → select the network → ✔️ Add.

I want to add a token, but it is not listed 👀

If you want to add a token corresponding to one of the networks supported by Defiant but it does NOT appear in the token list, you can add it using the "Add custom token" option:

You will need to select the network.
Copy the contract address of the token you want to add and paste it in the "Token address" field.

Remember: it is important to make sure that the token corresponds to one of the networks supported by Defiant 👌

Step-by-step from the app 🚀

From the dashboard, click on the + button → Add or remove coinsAdd custom token → Select a network → Token address → Search for token → ✔️ Add token.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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